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Well, well, look what the cat dragged in.

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Dear reader,

3 years later, I have returned...?

Pandemic, huh? It was definitely an adventure. Don't get me wrong, I loooove staring at home but it did made me miss opportunities. I went back to school in 2020, I started Seattle University, transferred my credits and I was already halfway-through my degree. Something that I wasn't expecting was pause on my personal writing. And I don't only mean blogging, but also stories.

If you don't know about me, I am a writer. I enjoy and love writing fiction, fantasy, and add some spice of drama into that. I have 3 to 4 books written, one completed (though it's still a draft and needs a lot of reviewing), another on the works, and a couple of others that only have the main idea written. My mind was filled with so many ideas but after a couple of months of being at home with my roommate, the heatwave in summer 2020, plus classes... really took me a toll. I had to stop digital drawing and writing. I didn't felt inspired anymore. I had ideas for smaller writings, like doing some character written roleplay with a friend, and personal writing of original characters with game or anime characters (I'm not sorry for being a dweeb) but nothing on my big writing, though I do have something to announce...


FINALLY after so long of being in college!! Though, I'll explain a little more about it soon since it's quite a story on how long it took me to graduate. But I finally made it, and I want to make my writing be heard.

Who knows it my blog will ever be seen. But it definitely helps me let go of my thoughts and express myself freely.

How's the job search you ask?

Horrible. No luck. But hey, at least now I get people responding to me when I apply. Sure, it's to tell me I didn't got the job but hey at least I'm being noticed! And I still have my hopes up. Those companies are simply not ready for my greatness ;)

Thankfully, I'm not jobless, I work at a dog daycare and omg the dogs are adorable! I grew up with dogs my whole life so I'm pretty used to them, but taking care of at least... 40 dogs a day is quite... an adventure. But I'll explain a bit more on my next post about it. But I do want to say that I'm grateful for that job, it helps me pay the bills but it's not a job I would like to stay in, I'm currently searching for work on editing or at least in a publishing house, I would love to know more about the creation of books, seeing other types of writings, explore and open my mind to different things. As a writer, I want to support other writers.

Have I fully return to be a blogger? Who knows! But if you're interested in dolls or cute things, I do have an instagram and TikTok account where I post cute doll collections that I have called nendoroids. Not gonna lie, I love my own content haha! I have to admit that there's times that I look at my videos or posts and it makes me feel proud of what I've achieved. It's certainly a hobby but I have lots of fun with it and had met some great people because of it! So if you're interested, maybe give me a follow?

Wish me luck? Please?

I've been collecting nendoroids since... 2018? more or less. But I have been doing TikTok videos since 2021 and I have been enjoying the ride! I try not to pressure myself. I got burned out a bit from it, I used to post 3 times a week but now I post once a week. I'm trying to take things slow and it has also been a great balance between my real life shenanigans and my social media accounts.


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