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Shake your booty

Dear reader,

Hi, hello, hola! How has this week been for you? I've been pretty good overall, though, does it happen to you that you feel great until you head to work? Cause, same.

But, you must be wondering... "Why does Laine want me to shake my booty?" Well, the reason why is because I wanted to talk about exercise.

What do you do to move your body? Your energy? Your mind?

And I'm not talking about being spiritual or astrology, I mean, literal body movement.

I've lived a bit of a complicated relationship with myself and exercise. I've hated it for so long... and I even hated to look at myself in the mirror, because the moment I did it I criticized myself for how I looked. My big tummy, my huge thighs, my wiggly arms, my small chest, I hated it. But I've been slooooowly working on it. You see, I gain weight easily. The moment I get stressed I gain weight, and loosing it is hard for me to see, both of my parents always notice it first every time I loose weight. But, hey, I appreciate always the compliment.

I stopped dancing when I was around.... 15? From ballet to Flamenco and then just stopped completely, then I joined a gym when I was around 18 but it was a special gym where it was more personalized (which I preferred since I hated people looking at me or being around people while I exercised) and it also had a special suit that would poke you in different body zones that would help you sweat fast and loose weight fast as well. I already forgot the name of the system though, sorry.

Anyway, I had to stop because the place closed down and the owner didn't continued it. I went back to my "hating myself" phase. Until... this year, when my mom convinced me to start on Pilates. She took me to three classes back at home, and I enjoyed it. Though, again, I didn't liked being in a group, so it wasn't amazing for me, but I did sweat a lot and I could feel the buuuuuurn on the body. When I returned to Seattle, I decided to search for places where I could take some of those classes, now that I had a bit of more time I wanted to do something for myself and stop criticizing every place in my body. I was successful. I found a place where I could do Pilates right at home, whenever I wanted to. It hasn't been easy, though. Mostly because my current work schedule is not the best and I do love to sleep. so I basically only work out two times a week, but, hey, it's a start, right?

What about you, reader? Found anything fun yet that you enjoy doing? Whether it's dancing, exercise, or simply going out for a walk everyday (or every once in a while) is super helpful! Not only are you moving your body, but your energy as well. A change of pace from the everyday life, a movement that your body will be grateful for. And hey, it doesn't mean you have to leave your own home if you don't feel comfortable. My classes are at home, my professor is on a computer screen and I just what she tells me to do. I bought a (cheap) yoga mat at Marshalls and that's how I've been surviving.

For someone who has been hating her body from a young age due to bullying from both classmates and professors, I was able to overcome that pain, wanting a change for myself instead of for others. I'm not skinny (yet) but I know I'll get there, with hard work. The process won't be easy, but I'm happy where I'm going, appreciating my body for wanting this change as well, slowly working on loving myself for who I am.

Also, TMI. My grandma told me I had a very good facial skin (lol), so I guess combine a good exercise with good skin care and lots of water!


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