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Poets, here I come!

Dear reader,

How has it been?

Now, before you start asking what the heck am I going to ramble about now, let me go straight to the point.

So, the reason why I started this blog, initially was for a class, but then my school closed and I forgot about it. Then, I brought it up again for the same reason but then I forgot. The reason now is for fun only, and... well... a good way to express my feelings. I'm better at writing them than verbally expressing them. But someone once told me that it was good to have a webpage as a Portfolio and to show my work that I did during school.

And there's a topic that I'm quite proud of.


Growing up, I always found it incredibly boring. Rhyming all the time without making sense, super long too. I could never understand the "beauty" in them. Until I was forced to take a poems class for my degree. I signed up for a class called (like my degree) Creative Writing. I thought I was going to write stories, but it turned out, it was a poems class. Again, I wasn't happy but I did it because I had to... and also because I had failed a class already and that was the only replacement I could take. Without going much into detail, my professor really helped me change my perspective of poems, it did a 360 turnover. From hating poems, I turned to love them and enjoy it. Still to this time, I have a complicated time understanding 90% of them but at least now I appreciate them more, it made me see things differently as well. The professor was one of the few amazing people I've met, that to this day I'm grateful I chose that class with her.

Dr. Chopra, you are the best!

By the end of the quarter, we had to write a Personal Poetic Statement using as reference at least two of the poets that we saw in class but mostly expressing, "What is poetry for you?"

To this day, I'm still surprised by the statement that I wrote, one of the few writings I enjoyed a lot to do. My simple answer: "What is poetry to me?" the only words that I could think of were "heart or soul wanted to express."

I referenced George Oppen's poems and Barbara Guest's poetic statement "The forces of the imagination."

In the following writing, it's a bit of my writing from my Personal Poetics Statement. Please, enjoy!

"Most of the people I know or have read of have said that they have come from artistic family. Mine isn’t, I was the artistic one. Going to ballet since I was little, when I invited my friends and family to my presentations they always said I was a natural, I won’t deny that I did enjoyed it, but it didn’t felt good it was more a little forced than something I enjoyed for pleasure, I never felt a passion until I started to dance flamenco. Such a beautiful dance that to this day I still love with all my heart. A dance that I could feel it was coming from my heart and soul, or as the great Lorca said on his writing “Theory and Play of Duende.”, “A mysterious force that everyone feels and no philosopher has explained.” While dancing flamenco, it was like something that I still cannot explain how I felt while dancing. Tapping loudly the shoes while shouting “Olé!” Or “Vamos Chica!” Among other random stuff, taking out those emotions through the dancing and facial expressions, it came easily without even thinking much about it. The only thing that worried me was that I was too fast for my other classmates. Talking about it makes my heart feel ticklish and excited. Poetry should be as smooth as that passionate feeling, writing what your heart and soul wants to express.

If a butterfly passes by, what do you think?

If a white butterfly passes by

luck is on my side.

But if you pass by

will you be my demise?

Writing the previous question made my brain create this small poem. I’m not saying that poetry is easy. Believe me, I’ve been through it. I didn’t liked poetry, I didn’t saw the beauty of it, and I always had a hard time understanding it, what made me change? Breathing. Focusing on myself. Helping myself with sources from other writers. Not everyone has the “gift” or “easy-ness” to understand poetry, it’s not for everyone, I still consider myself part of that group, I still have to stop and re-read poetry in order to understand it, but the more I overthink it, the less I understand. I always felt sad and discouraged seeing how my classmates spoke so profound about poetry, how in depth and beautifully they expressed themselves about poems and their stanzas, I always struggled, but put me to write a short story? I’ll be done in less than 30 minutes. I wondered to myself, “why can’t I do that with poetry as well? If I can write a great story in 30 minutes, what can I write if I challenge myself a little with poetry?”


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