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Netflix and... nothing to watch?

Dear reader,

After the life update, let me give you a Netflix update.

What have you been in the mood for? For me, I can never decide. Either I can watch rom-coms, to drama, to Korean dramas, to anime whenever I want to, but lately, I've been binge watching XO, Kitty and Never Have I Ever. To be honest, there was many times that I was really annoyed with the main character in either of those shows, buuuuut then I put myself in their shoes and... I was reminded I was also an annoying teenager that made poor decisions. Especially when it came to boys.

I can't say which one has been my favorite so far. I'm currently still watching the latter show. But I do have to say, Min Ho and Professor Alex Finnerty from XO, Kitty and Paxton from Never Have I Ever are fiiiiiiineeeeeeee. As my mom says, "Echándome un taco de ojo.¨(E.g when you take a look at something or someone good looking). I don't know about you but that is a bonus to add these shows to your To-Watch-List.

Both stories are around the same topic, high school and boys, a teenage girl trying to find her way. XO, Kitty only has one season so far, while Never Have I Ever has 4 seasons. Both are easy to binge watch in a day or on a weekend. Kitty travels to Korea to surprise her boyfriend but is also figuring out more about her mom's life at K.I.S.S. While Devi is a girl who wants a boyfriend and lose her virginity before going into college but also struggling with the loss of her father.

I do have to admit, though, that episode in Never Have I Ever, when they go to Malibu made me cry so much... it was so moving and emotional. No spoilers. If you know, you know.

As I mentioned before, I cannot decide between the two, both a great shows that reflect a lot on how a teenager's brain works, both are entertaining in their own way, while there has been times where I've also had it only in the background. Though, it's not for everyone. I personally, have enjoyed it, they are fun and entertaining, though, I don't know if I'll watch it again. It's not a seasonal show like Gilmore Girls or Once Upon a Time. Or one of my personal (Christmas) favorites, Dash and Lily, buuut they are okay.

But now that my binge watching for Never Have I Ever is coming to an end, I have nothing to watch. Any recommendations, dear reader? I recently heard that Russian Doll on Netflix is really good, so I might give it a try.



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