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Nailfie time

Dear reader,

They say that in complicated times, your creativity makes it self present, and so mine came to slap me in the face reminding me of what I can do.

Hi, hello, hola! Long time no see. I know I always say that this time I'll be more focused on writing here but my attention span says "no" haha!

Life update: Still job searching, a year later I graduated. But I opened up a small business, yay! Let me tell you aaaaaall about it!

A hobby of mine has been making my own nails. I started off when I was around... 10 years old when I started liking having long nails. My mom used to buy me press-on nails and use them around the house, whether I bought them from Claire's whenever I travelled to the US, or from a small store at my hometown mall. From there I transitioned to painting my own nails with regular nail polish. The picture on the right are my nails from all the way back in 2013!

From there I've just been doing my nails that way and let them grow naturally. I remember having them pretty long and decent that they were hard to break. But once I started to work at the coffee shop back in 2018, that's when it all went downhill for me. Since I started to work with bleach and very fast movement without paying much attention if I burned my hand or hit it with something, my nails started to break and the nail polish lasted less then a day. I remember being very bumped about it. I started to get some press-on nails and I was happy but because of the manual work, they didn't lasted.

Once the pandemic hit, I remember getting acrylics at a nearby nail salon from where I live. I've had acrylics before and while I liked how they looked I didn't liked the after feeling, my nails very weak and thin that it hurt to touch them. and that very last time I got them during the pandemic was the most painful experience I've ever had... for they didn't removed them properly. Normally, you have to drill them down without damaging the natural nail and then soak them off... well, this nail salon literally ripped them off my nails. It hurt so much, it was then that I decided to never go back to that place nor get acrylics. A year later, I went to another nail salon, a bit more pricey but downtown, and that's when I first heard of Gel-X Nails and I fell in looooove with them (Image on the right). While the girl who did my nails was amazing, I wasn't going to spend over $90 every 3 weeks or once a month, you know? Especially when I'm living on a tight budget. So I decided to do my research and learn about Gel-X Nails and start making them myself. And that was the best decision I've ever made.

I've learned how to properly remove the cuticle, clean my nails, how to properly place the nail with the glue, how to make the gel polish last, how to make the nail last with no lift up. Thank you YouTube and TikTok! Wouldn't have done it without you! It all takes practice, that now I proudly make my nails and show them off. A couple of my friends convinced me this year to make some money out of it since they admired my skills, and in truth, I already had it in mind after following some nail artists on Instagram and TikTok.

And so, here I am.

I opened up my small press-on nails business. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't do this for the money, I really enjoy making nails, taking my time on the details, making sure it's to the customer's liking, since they are the ones who are going to use it, they have to enjoy them, what's the point in having nice nails when you don't love it or show it off, you know? I can't say I'm perfect, I'm still in the learning process. My prices are what nail techs consider "super cheap" and for some time it was giving me anxiety to publish my prices, but then I reminded myself why I started to do my own nails and opening up my business. We currently live in a world where economy is hitting hard, not everyone can afford nail sets from a starting price of $70+, yes, I understand that the price is low and 90% possibility that it might not be good nails, but that doesn't mean we're not talented, we all start from somewhere and prices can still go up. But I prefer to keep it in the low side mostly for the people who can't afford much. I've seen sets that are over $150+ and yes, they are beautiful, but that's literally my budget for groceries, and I prefer to eat. Now, I'm not saying it's wrong to charge that amount, most of those sets are beautiful that it's definitely worth it if you have the money. It's good to support artists!

I do want to clarify, that I do not aim to be a nail tech artist, this is just a hobby for me, and while I'm still learning and practicing, my price range will still be in the low for now, and I'm happy with it. That's all that matters, right?

Oh! Remember the Jack Skellington nails I showed you? Well, I decided to make a newer version now that I have different materials. They glow in the dark too! I'm suuuper happy with this set! <3

It can get stressful making nails for others, especially if they are undecided or have something veeery specific in mind but have trouble explaining it through text since everything is online. But I try to be patient and try to understand what the client is trying to envision. While I am a patient person, I think this hobby has helped me to keep it that way. I guess current irl stuff has made me get annoyed more easier (anyone else had a crappy manager/boss? cause, same) I haven't had many customers yet, but the ones who have commissioned me have been so amazing and patient, they end up loving their nails so much that they show it off to their friends, making me slowly grow on social media. I'm very grateful to them <3

The fun part about press-on nails is that you can reuse them anytime and they are so easy to put on your natural nail without damaging it and easy to remove as well. It's like having your luxury nails without paying the huge amount every month ;)

Though, if I'm being honest, I'm debating whether I start doing Gel-X Nails for some friends, maybe get a certification as a Nail Tech, have a small nail salon at home. But everything is up in the air, I'm still not set on a place where I can call home and calmly do that, for now, I'm happy with making press-on nails for my friends, family and all those amazing people who trust me enough to make them a set <3

While my business is still isn't up there, I am happy where I am with this, and I'm only looking forward to growing more and start making more nails to more people around the world. So, if you're interested hit me up! :D

Don't forget to follow me on social media:

Personal account IG: gutierrezlaine_

Nail account IG: queen_nailss11 TikTok: queen.nails11

Figure/doll collection IG: lainehan_

TikTok: lainehan


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