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*Mushu's voice* I liiiiive!

After my school closed I completely forgot about this blog. But I guess quarantine is making people do new things, am I right?

How have you been? How's quarantine life for you?

For me so far has been fun, a couple of days boring, others depressing. I now live with a roommate who's a close friend of mine, she and I are alike in many ways; one braincell, two bodies, everyday is a fun adventure with her until we end up crying due to our laughter and stomachs hurting.

During this quarantine I've been painting with watercolor, learning how to do digital art, learned makeup tricks and tried different eye shadow, binge watched shows and learning new languages, and buying things online although I was well-aware I shouldn't. But as I mentioned previously, I've had some boring days and others depressing.

We are half-way though 2020 and I decided to keep my mind active instead of focusing on the boring and negative stuff that my mind can sometimes head to. Trying to be strong and not be lazy, letting go of the past that sometimes comes back to hunt me.

I originally created this blog for class, to show my work but now I'm going to use it for a different purpose. Let's grab a cup of coffee or tea and chat about stuff. How's your day so far? Anything new has happened to you since we last talked?

From games, tv shows, fashion, beauty, home, among other things. I hope you enjoy this as much as I will.


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